Ricardo Badillo

Director, Business Process Management and Automation
Western Union

11:00 AM Uncover how to implement a value-added Center of Excellence for Robotic Process Automation

The process world has been radically transformed by RPA. With extraordinary speed, organizations are launching themselves into the digital world with increased efficiency, bought time, and enabled innovative opportunities. Establishing a Center of Excellence comes at high importance as the need to redistribute accumulated knowledge and resources across future deployments is made possible thanks to successful implementation within the organization. Join the workshop to learn more about:
·         Achieving pilot to scale-up: Our implementation strategy
·         Partnership with IT and how to accelerate the integration of RPA
·         Long Term Roadmap and benefits of Automation: Way more than just cost savings
·         Change Management, Communication and Training

2:10 PM Case-study: Lessons learned from scaling-up RPA

·         Reasons for and against expanding process automation
·         Case study: the bump in the road of RPA development
·         How to overcome the hurdles