June 4 – 6, 2018
Nashville, TN

Paul Taylor

Body-Brain Performance Institute
A former British Royal Navy Aircrew Officer, Paul is an Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Neuroscientist and Research Professor at The University of San Francisco. He is the Director of The Body-Brain Performance Institute, where he delivers Executive Performance and Leadership workshops to large companies such as Medibank, NAB, Coles, SAP, Google, Johnson & Johnson and Accenture and in late 2010, opened Australia’s first Body-Brain Fitness gym, Acumotum. He is also the founder and Director of The Personal Training Academy, a Registered Training Organisation that delivers Fitness Education and recently co-launched a worldwide initiative, PTA Global. In 2010 Paul created and co-hosted the Channel ONE HD TV series, Body and Brain Overhaul, and appears regularly on The Biggest Loser TV series as a consultant. He is also widely published in health magazines and is the creator of BioAge fitness testing software that is used by many Australian and overseas gyms. In addition to an extensive background in health and fitness, Paul has a proven track record in leadership, management and dealing in high-pressure situations, through his former roles as an Airborne Anti-submarine Warfare Officer and a Helicopter Search-And-Rescue Crew Member with the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, and has undergone rigorous Combat Survival and Resistance-to-Interrogation Training.

9:00 AM A: Building a high performing wellbeing program to drive transformation initiatives

Fully engaging in different areas of your life can lead to positive results; this is something most know, a balance in life, and yet fewer live by. Research supports that productivity levels increase when you have a higher wellbeing. In the session, Paul will explore the key ingredients to encourage commitment and secure buy-in for big transformations. Join in to learn:
·         Establishing clear guidelines on best practice content
·         Identifying engagement and delivery methodologies
·         Achieve a framework for effective measurement on both Return On Investment and total Value Of Investment

5:20 PM Active Session: Leadership, wellbeing and high performance and its impact on enterprise excellence

“I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles, but today it means getting along with people” – Gandhi

In order to successfully execute any transformation, you need the backing of your people. Leadership can and should stimulate innovation, and convey a sense of confidence and meaning. An employee’s well being can be lead by the challenges and developments set out by a leader.
Join Paul as he explores the linkages between leadership and an employee’s cognitive performance!
·         Examining the critical role of leadership
·         Implement a list of daily rituals for enhancing your employee’s performance
·         Exercising their physical and  mental well-being

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Paul.

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