What is Technology Excellence Week?

Technology has changed the landscape of how we operate and do business, with “innovate or die” being the mantra of most. New, agile companies entering the market are adopting fresh technologies to push the boundaries of innovation, leaving those who fail to adapt in the dust.

“Applying technology to deliver outstanding business transformation and operational excellence”

For operational excellence and business transformation leaders, everywhere they look, there is technology disrupting, and re-inventing how operational excellence can be done. But there is still a bridge to cross from potential of technology to being able to deploy to its maximum capability in business transformation.

TEX Week, Technology Excellence Week 2018 is the only event to deep dive into:

  • The intertwining relationship between technology, innovation and business processes
  • How technology is an enabler to drive operational excellence
  • The impact of technology to better understand your customers and improve your processes

Technology Excellence Week 2018 will reach beyond the hypothetical; sharing key strategies, and sugar-free, hands-on experiences. Go beyond the traditional tools of operational excellence, as consumer expectations evolve, and technology maintains a strong foothold in everyday lives.

Who Will Be Attending Technology Excellence Week?


Exceptional Learning Experiences at TEX Week 2018


Interactive Discussion Groups

An invaluable opportunity for you to drill down into the details of a subject which is particularly pertinent to you and your organization. You have the chance to brainstorm your challenges and pick the brains of expert roundtable leaders as well as 12 other practitioners seated at your table. Numbers are kept to a minimum to allow for maximum interaction and provide an informal yet highly constructive approach to problem solving.


Shark Tank Demo Drive

Find the next game changers in process excellence. Don’t miss this engaging session where our event partners have 5 minutes to share insight, ideas and pitches on a new technology, way of working or innovative idea to the entire delegation, using the most imaginative means possible. Leave inspired and excited about the opportunities that exist which can help your organization find greater success.


Tag-Team / Panel Discussion

Brainstorming panels invite delegates to get involved from the very beginning. With 2-4 experts, they will set the scene and open a discussion topic, but the answers, conclusions and roadmap to action ultimately come from you. Benefit from more than the expertise of our chosen panelists – hear contributions and ideas from the minds of the other experts sat alongside you.


Deep Dive Workshops

A dive into some of your most pressing challenges in a more traditional classroom environment. Open to 25 attendees, workshops are facilitated by expert leaders who create an interactive and highly engaging session where participants are invited to share ideas, brainstorm and find the best solutions to a particular problem. Leave with a step-by-step plan to action on return to your office.


“TEX-Talk” Sessions

A fast-paced, and engaging session, bringing in multiple insights around a central topic. Panelists are given 10 mins to present each of their case, and then open up the floor to the audience for discussion. You’ll be given the opportunity to not only hear from the experiences of our chosen panelists, but have the chance to interact with them and those around you.

What our attendees say about Process Excellence Network Events


Alan Boehme

Global Chief Technology Officer / Chief Innovative Information Technology Officer
Procter & Gamble

Andrew Shakman

President and Chief Executive Officer
LeanPath, Inc.

Ashok Kumar

Head of Digital
Verizon Wireless

Diana Krohn

Principal Enterprise Architect
United Airlines

Gustav Toppenberg

Vice President, Enterprise Architecture - Chief Architect
Catalina USA

Jean Gehring

Vice President
Fulton Financial Corporation

Laurie Brooks

IT Business Process Architecture, Senior Principal

Lisa Butcher

Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer
March of Dimes

Neil Gomes

Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President for Technology Innovation a
Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

Nicole Raimundo

Chief Information Officer
Town of Cary, North Carolina

Pete Santora

Chief Commercial Officer
SoftWear Automation, Inc.

Bruno Singh

Former Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

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