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Exclusive Interview with Dave Castellani @ NY Life

Exclusive Interview with Dave Castellani @ NY Life

TEX Week chat with Dave Castellani, Business Information Officer @ New York Life on connecting technology and business at an unprecedented level. Challenges, hurdles, imperatives and successes, no stone is left unturned in this journey to innovation, faster product development and better customer experience.

Spoiler alert: this interview is interactive. The more you read, the more you'll get out of it. Literally.

Download the interview and find out:

  • How business enterprise has steered a new focus on technology
  • The necessary focus on asset reduction and process improvement
  • Building a team with both business knowledge and technology know-how
  • The cultural implications of digital transformation
Virgil Miller Interview - AFLAC

Virgil Miller Interview - AFLAC

With 27 years’ experience in the insurance game, Virgil Miller has been transforming processes and spearheading technology excellence with a customer focus since the early 90s. 

Now Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer of Aflac U.S.; and President of Aflac Group, he shares his insights into successful digital transformation.

Read on to learn about:

  • How Virgil transformed Aflac’s approach to technology excellence though agility 
  • What the perspective of digital transformation is from the executive-level
  • Why failures can be as vital as successes when embarking on a transformation journey