June 4 – 6, 2018
Nashville, TN

Terry Roach

Chief Executive Officer

Terry is the CEO and founder of Capsifi, an Australian software company specialising in business modelling. He is an enthusiastic advocate of business modelling and the practice of business architecture. 

He is the author of the 'CAPSICUM Framework for Strategically Aligned Business Architecture', the result of his 2011 PhD thesis from the University of NSW and continues to lecture post-graduate university courses in Enterprise Architecture and Conceptual Modelling Techniques. 

Prior to founding Capsifi he held a variety of executive roles with major global technology companies (including PeopleSoft, Oracle, IBM, Apple) managing teams of Solutions Architects and Business Analysts.

2:00 PM F: Tutorial - Delivering Valuable Customer Interactions with a Value-Based Business Model

The success of any business model is intrinsically dependent on the value that products and services represent to customers. When organizations get the magic formula for value delivery right, the results can deliver astounding business success.
How does this occur? Is customer value delivery achieved through the astute intuition of a visionary leader? Is it just pure luck? Could there be any scientific method that could bee consistently applied to identify, quantify and target customer value as the driver for business model development?
This in-depth tutorial will explore the anatomy of Customer Value, dissecting value into its component parts and providing an easy to follow Framework, Method and interactive Tool for collaboratively developing a Customer Value Proposition comprising:
- Customer Segment definitions - identifying customer problems and needs
- Product Offering - comprising product features and corresponding benefits
- Campaign Strategy - listing targeted marketing activities
- Value-stream - measurable and actionable
- Customer Journey - identifies key steps, pain-points and moments of truth

Session hosted by Capsifi

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